MTL(PC) Tensile testing machine

    MTL(PC)Tensile testing machine applied to a variety of materials for tensile, compression, tearing, peeling, deformation and other mechanical properties of the project test, suitable for plastic film, thin sheet, composite materials, paper, rubber, textile, medical packaging and other fields of physical and mechanical properties test, is the material manufacturers, Necessary tools for research institutions to conduct physical property tests, research and quality.

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Product Introduction / Product introduction

Test principle

The sample is clamped between the two collets of the fixture, and the two collets move relative to each other. Through the force sensor located on the dynamic collet head and the displacement sensor built in the machine, the change of force value and displacement in the test process are collected, so as to calculate the tensile, tearing, deformation rate and other performance indicators of the sample.

Product characteristics

Microcomputer control, menu interface, large LCD display

Computer control system, microcomputer control system can be switched

Test data computer storage, multi - form file query

A testing machine integrates tensile, stripping, tearing and other independent testing procedures to meet different customer testing requirements

Precision ball screw drive, servo drive system, equipment stepless speed regulation, realize the test speed arbitrary adjustment, precise displacement control

The system supports two - way experimental modes of stretching and compression

Different fixtures can be extended to achieve dozens of projects of testing

Intelligent configuration, such as limit protection, overload protection, automatic return, and power failure memory, ensures user's operation safety

Professional control software provides a variety of practical functions such as statistical analysis of groups of samples, overlay analysis of test curves, and comparison of historical data

It has many functions such as parameter setting, printing, viewing, clearing and calibration

Technical parameter

Test range: 0-500N(50N, 100N, 200N, 1000N other ranges optional)

Measurement accuracy: better than 0.5 grade

Stroke: 900mm

Test speed: 0.1-500mm/min continuously variable speed

Displacement accuracy: 0.01mm

Sample quantity: 1 piece

Chuck size: 0-30mm

Shape: 450mm (L) ×500mm (B) ×1500mm (H)

Weight: 75kg

Expand the application

Equipment has a rich application, equipped with more than 100 different sample fixture, can meet more than a variety of material testing requirements; According to the different user materials, we can provide customized services to meet the testing needs of different users.

Basic application

Extended application (need special accessories or reform)

Tensile property

Mask breaking strength

Membrane puncture force

Infusion bag with bag cover puncture force

Soft rubber cork puncture/pull

Tensile strength and deformation rate

Combination cover opening force

ZD cap tearing force

Oral liquid cap tearing force

Oral liquid cap puncture/pull

Breaking force

Tilt the IV bag cover 90 degrees pull force

Infusion bag with bag cover pulling force

Tilt 23 degrees bottle cap pull force

Puncture/pull force with bottle cap and glue plug

Tearing property

Adhesive tape 90 degree peeling force

Binding tear force

90 degrees water-based plaster peeling power

Plastic bottles resist pressure

Heat seal strength performance

Adhesion strength test (soft)

Adhesion strength test (hard)

Hose cover stripping force

Detachment force of catheter and catheter joint

90 degree peel

Simulate skin puncture resistance

Brush pulling force

Rope breaking force

Jelly cup and yogurt cup opening force

180 degree peel

Milk cup film peeling force

Plug pulling capacity

The peel strength of bottle film is 45 degrees

Plastic bottles carry vertical pressure

Test standard

The instrument meets several national and international standards:GB8808、GB/T1040.1-2006、GB/T1040.2-2006、GB/T1040.3-2006、GB/T1040.4-2006、GB/T2791、GB/T1040.5-2008、GB/T12914-2008、GB/T17200、GB/T16578.1-2008、GB/T2790、GB/T2792、GB/T17590、GB/T4850-2002、QB/T2358、QB/T1130、GB/T7122、ISO37、ASTMD882、ASTME4、ASTMD3330、ASTMF904、ASTMF88、ASTMD1938

Product configuration

Standard configuration: host, standard fixture set, micro printer, professional software, communication cable

Optional: Computer, non-standard fixture

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