WTR-G3 Water vapor transmittance tester

WTR-G3 water vapor transmittance tester, according to the principle of electrolysis test research and development and production, according to the related plastic packaging materials gas and water vapor transmittance measurement method of packaging materials barrier performance, as well as the permeability principle and influence, the determination of water vapor transmittance of plastic packaging materials, packaging material manufacturers generally through the determination of water vapor transmittance, Achieve the control and adjustment of packaging materials to block water vapor technical index.

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Product Introduction / Product introduction

Test principle

The pre-treated sample is clamped between the test chamber, nitrogen with stable relative humidity flows on one side of the film, and dry nitrogen flows on the other side of the film. Due to the existence of humidity difference, water vapor will be diffused from the high wet side through the film to the low wet side. On the low wet side, the water vapor is carried by the flowing dry nitrogen to the electrolytic sensor, and then the water vapor permeability of the sample is obtained. It can also be used to measure the water vapor transmittance of packaging containers.

Technical description of WTR-G3 water vapor transmittance tester

(1) Product characteristics

Test range: 0.001 ~ 40 g/(m2·24h)(conventional)

0.01 ~ 1000 g/(m2·24h)(expandable)

Sample quantity: 3 pieces (data are independent)

Resolution: 0.001g /(m2·24h)

Test temperature: 15℃ ~ 55℃

Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃

Test humidity: 0%RH, 35%RH ~ 90%RH, 100%RH

Humidity control accuracy: ±1%RH

(2) Technical parameters

Test area: 50 cm2

Sample thickness: ≤3 mm

Sample size: 108 mm × 108 mm

Carrier gas: 99.999% high purity nitrogen (air source provided by the user)

Carrier gas flow rate: 100 mL/min

Carrier gas pressure: ≥ 0.28MPa

Interface size: 1/8 inch metal tube

Power supply: 220VAC 50Hz

Testing standard

ISO 15106-3, GB/T 21529, YBB 00092003-2015 and other national standards

Test application


Thin film

Water vapor transmittance test of various plastic film, plastic composite film, paper plastic composite film, co-extrusion film, aluminum plating film, aluminum foil composite film, glass fiber aluminum foil paper composite film and other membrane materials.


Water vapor transmittance test of PP sheet, PVC sheet, PVDC sheet, metal foil sheet, rubber sheet, silicon sheet and other sheet materials.

Paper composite

Test of water vapor transmittance of paper and board, such as cigarette coated aluminized paper and paper aluminum-plastic composite sheet.


Water vapor permeability test of bottles, Coke bottles, peanut oil drums, Tetra Pak packaging, vacuum packaging bags, three-piece cans, cosmetic packaging, toothpaste hose, medicinal ointment tubes, jelly cups, yogurt cups and other plastic, rubber, paper, paper-plastic composite, glass, metal bottles, bags, cans, boxes, buckets.

Product configuration

Equipment host, computer, professional software, communication cable, vacuum grease, sampler, air supply valve fittings

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