LEAK-L1 Aseptic packaging leakage tester

LEAK-L1 aseptic packaging leakage tester is suitable for quantitative measurement of sealing strength, thermal sealing quality, bursting pressure of the whole bag, sealing leakage performance of various plastic anti-theft bottle caps and other materials edge sealing of soft packaging and aseptic packaging formed by various heat sealing and bonding processes. All kinds of hoses overall sealing performance, compressive strength, cap body connection strength, trip strength, hot edge sealing strength and other indicators of quantitative measurement and other sealing parts of the air tightness test.

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Product Introduction / Product introduction

   Test principle

    The equipment adopts the positive pressure test principle. During the test process, gas under certain pressure is injected into the package. According to the change of gas pressure in the package, whether the package leaks or the maximum breaking strength of the package is determined.

    Technical characteristics

    Large LCD touch screen display, test curve real-time display;

    The system adopts the principle of positive pressure method and the high precision pressure sensor ensures the accuracy of test results;

    A variety of test modes such as maximum breaking force, gross leakage and bottle cap seal can meet different testing requirements of users;

    Multi-group test parameter setting, test results automatic statistics saving, high degree of intelligence;

    Test range optional, test process "one key" operation and other intelligent design;

    Intelligent operation modes such as pressure preservation, blasting and quick leakage can be freely selected by users according to different test purposes;

    Equipped with micro printer, automatic printing test report;

    A variety of pressure can be measured at a time to quickly evaluate the overall sealing effect of the product and whether it leaks;

    It has the function of authority management required by GMP。

    Industry application

    Basic Applications:

    Plastic Composite Bags

    Test the compression resistance of various plastic films, aluminum films, paper plastic composite films, aluminum plastic composite films and other packaging bags

    Flexible Tubes

    Including various flexible tubes used in daily chemical products and other industries, e.g. flexible tubes of toothpaste, face cream, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and food

    Creep Test

    Including various packaging bags and boxes

    Creep to Failure Test

    Including various packaging bags and boxes

    Extended Applications

    Burst Test Of Blister Packs

    Including various blister packs

    Aerosol Valves

    Test seal performance of various aerosol valves, e.g. vales of pesticide, hair spray, auto spray paint and medical spray packages

    Three-Sided Sealing Materials

    Test withstand pressurization stress of packaging bags with three-sided seal and one-sided open

    High Pressure Test

    The maximum test pressure could reach 1.6MPa

    Pilfer-proof Closures

    Test seal performance of various tamper-evident closures, e.g. closures used in packages for Coke, mineral water, beverage, edible oil, sauce (soy, vinegar and cooking wine), three-piece cans (beer and beverage) and paper cans (cylinder shape for potato chips )

    Technical parameter


    Inflatable head:Φ4mm(standard)

    Airsource pressure:0.4~0.9MPa(Airsourceprovidedbyusers)

    Airsource inter face:Φ6mm polyurethanepipe


    Testseat size:375mm(L)×275mm(W)×345mm(H)

    Power supply:AC220V 50Hz


    Test standard


    Product configuration

    Standard configuration: host, a test rack, micro printer

    Optional: Test accessories (restraint plate test device; Three-side sealing test device; Anti-theft bottle cap sealing performance test device, etc.), air source (air compressor)

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