Map-02 Headspace gas analyzer

Map-02 Headspace gas analyzer is a handheld device designed for the pharmaceutical and food industries to measure the oxygen and carbon dioxide content in air-conditioned packages. Map-02 has a series of gas analysis functions, which can accurately and conveniently determine the content of O2 and CO2 in sealed packaging bags, bottles, cans and other hollow packaging containers. 

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Product Introduction / Product introduction

Product characteristics

Handheld design automatic test;

Handheld design, light and portable, suitable for laboratory and production field test;

One-button automatic calibration function, convenient and fast;

Large LCD display with backlight, quick-insert sampling needle protective sleeve, to ensure the safety of testing;

Built-in gas sensor, can accurately analyze the soft and hard packaging inside the gas content;

Oxygen was measured by electrochemical sensor.

With high test accuracy, low failure rate and long service life;

Chinese-english bilingual operation interface to meet different language requirements;

With automatic data storage, power failure automatic memory function.

Test principle

The gas in the sample is extracted to the sensor through the air pump. The sensor detects the voltage signal of O2 concentration in the gas in the sample in real time. The device calculates the proportion of O2 in the gas by obtaining the voltage signal output by the sensor.

Technical parameter


Test item

Technical parameter

Measuring gas type


Test principle


Sensor specification



0.1 %

Measuring range

0 to 100%, the unit is 0.1%

Sampling quantity


Measuring time

8 seconds or less

Net weight


Product configuration

Standard configuration: host, sampling needle, filter, gasket, carrying case, user manual, host adapter

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