NJY-03 Fully automatic torsion instrument

The NJY-03 fully automatic torsion instrument is a specialized equipment used to measure the torque value of bottle cap locking and opening for pharmaceutical bottles, beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, milk bottles, suction nozzle packaging, hose packaging, and other bottled products. Its measurement accuracy is high, and its stability is good. It is one of the key process parameters that production units control offline or online. The suitability of its torque value has a significant impact on the intermediate transportation and final consumption of the product.

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Product Introduction / Product introduction

technical characteristics

Adopting a 7-inch touch screen for easy user parameter setting and more intuitive viewing of detection data and results;

Adopting a microcomputer control system, the test results during the experimental process are more stable;

Provide a dual test mode for fully automatic testing of bottle cap opening force and locking force;

Adopting standard testing units and switching between multiple testing units, facilitating data reference and comparison;

The torque force value can be set to exceed the limit alarm function, and the instrument automatically drives the bottle body to rotate;

Equipped with a micro printer to quickly output experimental results;

Intelligent configurations such as overload protection, automatic zeroing, and fault prompts ensure user operation safety;

The intelligent operating system of the device can automatically analyze multiple sets of experimental data and obtain the maximum, minimum, and average values;

Real time display of force curve during the test process;

Multiple bottle cap clamping methods are available to meet various product applications;

The optional GMP for the instrument requires a level 3 permission operation level, and the operator must have a unique login name and password combination to enter the instrument for operation;

Optional "anti child opening bottle cap" testing mode, with a wide range of applications.

Testing Applications

Bottled container: suitable for testing the torque value of bottle cap locking and opening for bottled food and drugs (threaded connection). Such as beverage bottles, medicine bottles, etc.

Flexible hose packaging: suitable for testing the torque value of locking and opening the caps of food, medicine, and cosmetics bottles in flexible hose packaging, such as eye drops, hand cream, shoe polish (threaded connection), etc.

technical parameter

Range: 0-5Nm, 20Nm (optional)

Measurement accuracy: better than level 0.5

System resolution: 0.001Nm

Clamping range: Φ 15mm~ Φ 160mm (other customizable)

Bottle cap clamping range: Φ 10mm~ Φ 85mm (other customizable)

Bottle height: 20mm-390mm

Rotation method: automatic rotation

Clamping method: manual and pneumatic (optional)

Air source: air (provided by the user)

Air source pressure: around 0.7MPa

Machine size: 480mm (L) × 400mm(B) × 920mm(H)

Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

Net weight: 45kg

Testing standards


Product configuration

Host, micro printer, clamping column (4 pieces) Ф 6mm polyurethane pipe

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