OGT-G3 Gas permeability tester

OGT-G3 Gas permeability tester, which is suitable for the determination of gas transmittance, diffusion coefficient, solubility coefficient and permeability coefficient of various food packaging materials, pharmaceutical packaging materials, high barrier materials, metal sheet and so on under various temperature conditions.

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Product Introduction / Product introduction

Test principle

The pre-treated sample is placed between the upper and lower test chambers, tightly sealed, and then the whole system is vacuumed. When a certain vacuum degree is reached, the lower chamber is closed, some test gas is filled into the high pressure chamber (upper chamber), and the pressure of the upper chamber is stabilized, so that a constant pressure difference is formed on both sides of the sample. Under the action of the pressure difference gradient, the gas can be used for the test. From the high pressure side (upper chamber) to the vacuum side (lower chamber) penetration. The pressure variation of vacuum chamber (lower chamber) is measured accurately, and the barrier parameters of the sample are calculated.

Reference standard

YBB00082003, GB/T1038, ASTMD1434, ISO2556, ISO15105-1, JISK7126-A and other related standards.

Product characteristics

The vacuum sensor and pressure sensor with resolution of 0.1pa are adopted to ensure the accuracy of the test.

The system has the ability of self-detection to avoid continued testing under the fault state;

Water bath temperature control, automatic control of temperature rise and fall, wide temperature control range, extra high test temperature uniformity;

The equipment adopts the ultimate zero point and sealed pipe system, and adopts the baseline technology to remove systematic errors and ensure the repeatability of test results.

Sample leakage prevention structure design, stable and reliable encapsulation sample seal;

Pressure control ability is accurate, the upper chamber has the function of maintaining pressure, control the stability of the test environment;

Embedded computer system control, the use of quality stability components, instrument stable operation, reliable;

High speed vacuum capacity, reduce vacuum time, degassing thoroughly, ensure test accuracy;

Short test time, improve the test efficiency;

Whole-process monitoring and automatic recording, the test process can be reproduced whole-process;

One-key automatic test, test automatically after setting test parameters, automatically judge the end of the test and save the test results;

Vacuum pump self-control technology, during the test process according to the test needs the equipment can automatically shut down the vacuum pump, saving energy.

Technical parameter

Measuring range: 0.05 ~ 50,000 cc/㎡·24h·0.1MPa

Sample quantity: 3 pieces

Number of sensors: 3

Vacuum resolution: 0.1Pa

Vacuum: < 20Pa

Temperature control range: 15℃ ~ 90℃

Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃

Test pressure: 0.1MPa ~ 0.2MPa

Air source pressure: 0.1MPa ~ 0.8MPa

Test gas: O₂, N₂, CO₂ or other gas

Carrier gas interface: diameter 6

Sample thickness: ≤3mm

Test area: Φ97mm

Size: 740mm(L)×415mm(W)×430mm

Power supply: 220VAC50Hz

Weight: 45kg

Standard configuration

Main engine, vacuum pump, vacuum bellows, gas hose, disk sampler, seal grease, mouse, keyboard, display

Note: Test air source is prepared by yourself

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